The factory is located in South of Tamilnadu, a southern state of India where coconut farming and cultivation is one of the main economic activities. Numerous fibre factories produce plenty of coco peat and coco fibre around the clock. We collect raw materials only from fibre factories that adhered to our strict quality policy & production process.


We collect the raw materials by truck from fibre factories and transport them to our factory for further quality checking. After checking of initial quality of the raw material for EC & pH , we store the cocopeat raw material near drying yard and wash them immediately to remove the excess salt content.

We permit the washed coco peat to get drained of water for more than 5 days. We store them after getting them dried in plastic sheets spread over more than 2 hectares of drying yards. The plastics sheets ensure that the coco peat material is free from contamination of sand, weed or any other foreign particles. We check quality of dried coco peat for EC, pH, presence of foreign particles and any other visible contaminations.


Dried coco peat is brought to our factory for further processes like screening, separation of particles, etc. Then we move them for compression. We check the finished product once again for specific customer requirements, level of EC & pH, expansion, weight, break out volume & particle analysis (grading).

Then we move the final product for packing (palletising) and load them into containers from the floor.
The containers get fumigated by Methyl Bromide and shipped for its final destinations.

The green factor(y)
We plan to make the environment around the factory to remain in green. We are nurturing the plants to build an environment friendly factory.

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