Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.What are coco peat and its uses?
For general information about benefits of coco peat and details please refer the page "Benefit of coconut coir – The Cocopeat"

Q. Can you provide technical support for using coco peat?
A.Yes, we can assist technical support for using coco peat, but for other detailed agriculture solutions other than coco peat we offer the service Expert advice at a cost depends on the size and time consumption of the project. Such projects will be handled separately by our overseas advisors.

Q. What is the lead time for orders: Shipping time?
A.This depends on the product, size and nature, for instance a 40’ container with grow bags will take approximately 15 days to complete in order to make plastic covers for the first time but bulk orders (for more than one container) can be executed with a time interval of 4 days from the completion of first container.

A container full of standard 5 Kg bale (HCP5S) will take 3-4 days to finish.
A container full of 650 gram brick (HCP6S) will take approximately 6-7 days to finish.

More specialized and customised products take little more time for the special effort.

Time for shipping depends on the carrier we choose, the carriers will be deiced only after confirmation of transit time of shipments after discussing/approval of the same with customers.

Q.Can you handle custom made packing?
A.For growbags, yes we can arrange packing, labeling as per customers specifications.

Q.Can you arrange shipping, freight, inland delivery?
A.Yes we can arrange for shipping and we can get best prices, but inland destination service in a specific country, door delivery and service to the rare ports take little more time to find out shipping prices. Since the shipping companies take more time to find out prices because of time zone difference between countries.

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